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Submitting an online entry

Entering online is done in two stages

  1. Send us your entry
  2. Pay your entry fee

1) Send us your entry 

Unlike several other writers' websites, we are happy to accept entries by email attachment.

Please ensure that your attachment is either

  • a Microsoft Word document, any version, with a file extension of .doc or .docx
  • a plain text file, with a file extension of .txt

Do NOT type your poem in to the body of the email.  It must be an attachment as described above.

NOTE: You will receive an email from us, confirming that your attachment has been received.

2) Pay your entry fee using PayPal

Click the button below to pay your entry fee on our secure paypal page. With paypal, you have two options

  • Pay instantly using your paypal account if you have one
  • Choose to pay using your credit card, debit card, or bank account.

Your details will be entirely secure, as we at Attleborough Poetry will not receive any details of your credit card number or other financial information.

NOTE: You will receive a second email from us, confirming that your entry fee has been received and that your poem has been entered.